42-Year-Old US Store Employee Shot And Killed Over Bag Of Chips

42-Year-Old US Store Employee Shot And Killed Over Bag Of Chips

The shoplifters stole a bag of chips, according to the CCTV footage.

In a shocking incident, an employee at a Texas convenience store was shot and killed after he ran after the shoplifters who stole a bag of chips, as per a report in the New York Post. One of the alleged thieves opened fire on the store manager around 11:30 am after he followed them in his car to try to stop them from stealing chips from the Sunoco gas station shop, as per the police officers. 

The employee, aged 42, died from his wounds after being struck by the bullet. 

According to the CCTV footage, two men entered the store and the manager walked behind them casually with a bucket to mop the floor. The men walked around the store and then stopped at an aisle in front of the chips, where a man put a bag inside his pants. The duo continued to check out other food items at the store for several minutes before leaving without paying. Further, the employee followed them outside the store and confronted them before they walked away. 

As per the cops, the clerk, who had been working at the store for three to four months, then got in his car and followed the shoplifters.

Humble Assistant Police Chief Dan Zientek said, “No one ever anticipates just going to work that day and not coming home. They started shooting at him, in which he tried to reverse his car and ended up on the median over there.” 

The 42-year-old was struck by one of the bullets and died while he was in the driver’s seat. The cops stated that the car also had bullet holes in the windshield and back passenger window.

The police said that the culprits fled on foot and they are still looking for them. “You’ve lost a great citizen who’s just trying to work and do their job, and instead we have two people that also have ruined their lives because they will be going to jail,” the police said.

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