Allen’s releases new packaging to cut 58 tonnes of plastic

The red packaging of one of Australia’s best-known confectionary brands is changing in a big way, with the people behind the change labelling it the most “important” switch ever.

Allen’s has always been easy to spot in the supermarket aisle due to its bold colour and fun characters.

But now Nestle, who own the brand, is giving the party favourites a makeover.

The packaging will now be matte, and in the process, will reduce the amount of plastic the brand uses.

Melanie Chen, Nestlé’s head of marketing confectionary, said there had been a number of packaging changes over the years but this was the most important.

“Allen’s lollies are here to bring smiles to Australians, and we want to keep doing that while reducing our impact on the environment, with a focus on reducing the amount of plastic we have in our packaging,” she told news.com.au.

“While Allen’s lolly bags will look and feel different, we believe Aussies will welcome this move towards using less plastic so they can enjoy their Allen’s lollies even more.”

The new packaging will be seen on items such as Allen’s Snakes Alive, Allen’s Party Mix and Allen’s Killer Pythons and will reduce the brand’s plastic production by 21 per cent across its entire range.

This means 58 tonnes of plastic will no longer be produced by Allen’s.

The updated packaging will also modernise characters on the front of the pack.

“Allen’s iconic red packaging is well recognised in stores as well as at parties and celebrations at home,” Chen added.

“We’ve given our packs and beloved Allen’s characters a fun refresh as we’ve reduced our use of plastic.

“Our lollies remain unchanged as we know how important the familiarity and taste of Allen’s is to Australians.”

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