Aussie influencer in tears over KFC Go Bucket price

A social media influencer has lashed out after discovering his favourite KFC order had gone up in price.

Bill Baxter, who worked at KFC for three years, was venting on social media about his day – specifically the fact his ADHD assessment hadn’t gone to plan and his go-to KFC order’s price.

He claimed a Go Bucket and a drink combo used to be $4.95 when he worked at the fast food chain – but now the Go Bucket, which is chips paired with either three nuggets, two Wicked Wings, Popcorn Chicken or one Original Tender, $5 on its own.

He said the drink was no longer considered part of the combo but something additional to be purchased.

“I just want to be rich,” Bill said, brought to tears of frustration over the rising cost of living and an inability to access medical care.

“And you know what? I will cry about it!”

When discovering his chips had no salt he declared he would be moving to New Zealand.

But, it wasn’t all as appeared to be and Bill’s favourite combo was actually a promotional offer.

“Go Bucket and drink combinations are promotional offers and not a core menu offering. We’re sorry to hear a loyal customer was disappointed by his favourite combo deal being taken off the menu of his local restaurant, however we currently have a Go Bucket and Freeze drink combo for $4.95 (from 3-5pm) that customers can access via our easy-to-download KFC app,” a spokesperson told news.com.au.

Social media users were shocked by the price increase at the iconic fried chicken chain.

One social media user said: “And they put less in the go buckets now. Rip off.”

“For a company that didn’t have any issues during Covid, them raising their prices now is disgusting,” another said.

Another pointed out: “The no salt, so real, the painnnnn.”

Others said the price of large meals had increased to $15, when they used to be under $12, according to Daily Mail Australia.

However some commenters said there were more important issues we should be complaining about, including cost of living in rural areas and the war going on in Gaza, saying the KFC problem was “privileged”.

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