Brisbane on Tuesday, January 23

For some it’s an annual ritual. For others, it’s pretty disgusting.

But lists of things to do on January 26 often include a mention of the Story Bridge Hotel’s cockroach races.


It’s going ahead this long weekend, but will be held on Saturday, January 27, rather than the public holiday for Australia Day.

The apparent date change prompted many social media fans to question their motives.

Had the Story Bridge Hotel caved to public pressure? Should it be subject to a boycott alongside the day-night Test, Woolworths, Aldi and the Hottest 100?

The pub’s owner, Richard Deery, told 4BC this morning it was more about the extra operating expense involved with having the popular event – which requires more security and bar staff, and police to block off the road – on a public holiday.

He said costs had risen significantly in the past couple of years.

“So the opportunity to have it on a non-public holiday, to keep no cover charge on entry, to keep the cost of operating reasonable, this is the opportunity and that’s why we’ve moved it,” he said.

“Next year [Australia Day] will be on the Sunday and the holiday’s on the Monday, so we’ll be able to do it on the Sunday.”

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