CCTV shows XL Bully moments before being shot dead during horror dog attack on its owner

XL Bully Zeus had been rescued from England by his owner and brought to Hamilton in Scotland, but moments after happily having a treat at a local shop, it mauled his owner and was shot by police

CCTV captures dog in local shop minutes before attack in Hamilton

An XL Bully dog with “a little innocent face” had to be shot dead by police moments after begging for treats when it savagely attacked two men.

Zeus is seen in CCTV footage happily wagging his tail and jumping up at the counter of a local shop when he is fed a biscuit with his owner in Hamilton, Southlanarkshire. The sweet scene was soon replaced with another full of blood when the dog suddenly mauled his owner and another man.

His owner suffered lower limb injuries and was thrown a knife to defend himself, but the dog continued the attack. Armed police arrived and shot Zeus with a Taser but, when he continued the mauling and aimed his teeth at a police officer, was shot dead in horror scenes.

Zeus jumping up to the counter where he was given a treat

Local Day Today shopkeeper Numan Saifi told the Daily Record: “Zeus was in here with his owner just before the attack. I can’t believe this has happened. He always seemed calm and friendly.

“The dog would come into our shop most days and always seemed very well-behaved. He would jump up on the counter to get his dog treats and had a little innocent face.

“He had been rescued a few weeks ago after he was beaten and abandoned. You could tell he hasn’t been treated well in the past because he was covered in scars. It’s tragic this has happened.”

The dog had been rescued from England and brought to Scotland two weeks earlier. His owner was rushed to the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital with serious lower limb injuries. His current condition is unknown. A second man also attacked by Zeus was taken to Hairmyres Hospital and treated for minor injuries.

An eyewitness said of the carnage: “A knife was thrown to the owner to try and kill the dog. He stabbed it but it didn’t make any difference.”

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