City of Gold Coast rejects proposal to develop former Arundel Hills Country Club for housing

Councillors have refused a plan to build homes on a defunct Gold Coast golf course despite acknowledging Australia’s housing crisis.

City of Gold Coast councillors stressed the need to maintain green spaces by unanimously refusing a developer’s application to develop the former Arundel Hills Country Club. 

In unanimously refusing the project, they recognised a “very well organised and coordinated campaign” by a community opposition group that resulted in 1,163 submissions against the development.

The site is home to a golf course that developers have proposed to cut up into 380 lots that could eventually house 1,200 people.

Council planning chairperson Mark Hammel said the proposal would result in the removal of 78,000 square metres of vegetation — or about 8 hectares of the 67-hectare parcel of land — which would impact native wildlife, including endangered koalas.

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