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Cowboys continue to prove they’re awesome dudes, and a recently released rescue video could have come straight out of “Yellowstone.”

It’s not a secret that I grew up in a rural area, and I know plenty of people with ranches and farms. People who run and work them are cut from a different cloth.

They might not run around shooting people like on the Taylor Sheridan hit show, but they’re tough dudes. Whether it’s dealing with cattle, weather or anything else you can imagine, ranchers and farmers get it done.

Enter the internet’s newest hero.

Cowboy saves stranded calf.

Fox News tweeted a video Sunday morning of a cowboy legit lassoing a calf stranded on a frozen pond. The man was rocking a classic cowboy look with an awesome hat (a must for all cowboys), pulled out some rope and saved the calf from falling in and dying.

Check out the truly incredible video below, and hit me with your thoughts at [email protected].

If that doesn’t make you want to crack open a beer and raise a toast to all the cowboys out there making sure our food supply remains strong, then I don’t know what will.

The weak European mind can’t even begin to comprehend this much alpha winning. What are the odds this guy dips, drinks Coors Banquet, has a lever-action rifle that’s been passed down from generation to generation and sheds a tear occasionally thinking about the guys on D-Day?

It has to be damn near 100%, right?

Cowboy goes viral for saving calf stranded on a frozen pond. (Credit: Getty Images)

The world needs people like this cowboy because when your back is against the wall, they’re the kind of people who show up to help. Props to this guy, and let’s definitely crack open some cold ones in his honor. Hit me with your thoughts at [email protected].

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