Dad rages at probation for Bryn Spejcher who killed his son

A heartbroken dad warned a lenient California judge established a de facto “license to kill” by sentencing his son’s killer to probation this week after she stabbed him 108 times in a pot-induced frenzy.

“There is no respect and no responsibility for anything anymore,” Sean O’Melia told The Post Wednesday. “If you can stab someone 108 times and get probation, we’re going to have nothing but anarchy and chaos.”

Bryn Spejcher, now 33, had taken a hit of marijuana from a bong while at victim Chad O’Melia’s Thousand Oaks apartment in 2018 when she suddenly began attacking him with a knife.

Despite ingesting a single toke of a standard pot leaf, Spejcher was launched into an extended rage, stabbing the 26-year-old accountant 108 times.

Lawyers for Spejcher, an audiologist, argued that she wasn’t responsible for the bloody slaying because of her intoxicated state.

Bryn Spejcher was given probation after fatally stabbing Chad O’Melia 108 times. JUAN CARLO/THE STAR / USA TODAY NETWORK
Spejcher stabbed herself in the neck after deputies arrived at the bloody scene. Ventura County Sheriff’s Office

The Ventura County District Attorney initially charged Spejcher with manslaughter, before a new DA downgraded the rap to involuntary manslaughter.

The lesser charge carried a maximum term of five years.

But Ventura County Superior Court Judge David Worley declined to impose any jail time, instead opting for two years of probation and community service.

The wrist slap astounded O’Melia’s father, who said his son had only known his killer for a few weeks, after they met at a local dog park.

“She was given a free pass for murder,” he said. “I’ll say this without reservation. The judge was biased the whole time, during the whole case. And he proved it with this sentence.”

Sean O’Melia, right, said “there’s no responsibility for anything anymore.” KTLA

The parent said the weed had been purchased at a local dispensary, and that there were no other reports of it inducing psychotic episodes in others.

He said he believes that Spejcher had a predisposition that made her susceptible to marijuana-induced psychosis, but said she was deserving of jail time.

The father ripped Spejcher’s defense for shifting blame to his son, who had purchased the marijuana.

“My son did nothing to that girl,” he said. “He showed her nothing but kindness. She is the one that asked for it.”

O’Melia recalled getting a knock at his door after the incident and seeing two sheriff’s deputies standing in front of him.

The officers told him his son was dead, and that the scene was too gory for him to view.

Chad O’Melia had only been seeing Spejcher for a few weeks before she killed him after smoking pot at his apartment. Facebook

“We’re just so angry, so disappointed,” he said. “There was no justice here.”

O’Melia said he was also concerned Spejcher — or someone else — could hurt somebody in the future, blame it on mind-altering substances, and receive little punishment.

“That judge just gave everyone in this state the license to kill,” he said.

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