‘Devious’ Perth hospital engineer sacked after CCC probes invoicing scam

Overtime, Kumar allegedly approved $281,000 worth of invoices from MMS, which the CCC claimed he used for personal use, including funding his cryptocurrency habit.

Two computers found in his office, purchased through work funds, were later examined and found to be mining cryptocurrency.

“No one appears to have queried the reason why Mr Kumar had two water-cooled computers in his office,” the CCC report read.

“Mr Kumar has acted in a devious way not often seen.”

The CCC found two major flaws in how the hospital operations allowed the corruption to occur, the first being that anyone with access to eMED could add a supplier without any checks being carried out, and the second being the approval process for purchases entered into eMED, where the supervisor did not scrutinise the invoices.

“MMS was without background and suddenly appeared in eMED. Neither the supervisor nor acting supervisor ever enquired about the newcomer,” the report found.

Kumar was fired from his job after the CCC received an anonymous tip-off about his activities.

CCC commissioner John McKechnie said Kumar’s case was a lesson for all public officers in oversight or supervisory positions.

“You are entitled to start with a presumption of trust in your fellow workers but following due diligence does not lessen the working relationship,” he said.

“Following process protects everyone including taxpayers.”

University manager fired after CCC probe


A Murdoch University maintenance manager was also fired from his role after the CCC found he was using a contractor he partly owned to carry out works at the campus.

Dario Pacifici was hired by the university in March 2021, but sacked 18 months later after it was revealed he had instructed staff to start using BM OnDemand Pty Ltd, a company he was secretly involved with but did not disclose.

The listed directors were his wife and friend.

The company earned $1.06 million for work carried out at the campus.

The CCC formed the opinion of serious misconduct by Pacifici.

It recommended both Pacifici and Kumar be considered for criminal prosecution.

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