Egyptian toyboy who left Brit gran, 83, heartbroken is ditched by new OAP lover after discovery

Divorcée Iris stunned TV viewers in 2021 with graphic details about her sex life with Mohamed then he left her heartbroken after moving on – but now his newest lover kicked him out after a devastating discovery

Angela Rogers speaks about heartbreak she suffered

The Egyptian toyboy who left 83-year old British gran Iris Jones heartbroken has been ditched by his new OAP lover who caught him texting a third pensioner.

Angela Rogers thought she had found true love with Mohamed Ibrahim, who made worldwide headlines when he married Iris. But their relationship – which began weeks after Mohamed’s split from Iris – quickly soured when she found he had been messaging a widow aged 69.

Mum-of-11 Angela, 61, admitted splurging £5,000 on their romance after Mohamed, more than 22 years her junior, wooed her with supermarket flowers before they had “the best sex ever”. She said he pestered her for cash to finalise his divorce from Iris and proposed twice – without buying a ring.

But Angela kicked the chancer out when she discovered he had been messaging another woman. She says: “He’s a freeloader who clearly has a thing about older women. I don’t want to see him hurting anyone else.”

Divorcée Iris stunned This Morning viewers in 2021, sharing graphic details about her sex life with Mohamed. The pair married in November 2020 after meeting through Facebook the previous year but spent two years apart before he got a UK visa.

Anglea and Mohamed(Andy Stenning/Daily Mirror)
“He’s the biggest mistake I ever made,” says Angela(Andy Stenning/Daily Mirror)

After splitting last July, Mohamed, from Cairo, moved out of Iris’s bungalow in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset. Within weeks he was courting Angela, who had befriended him two years earlier – also on Facebook – after reading his story. She says: “I knew he was the Egyptian toyboy. I did think what was a 37-year-old doing with an 83-year-old?”

After realising he and Iris had split, Angela contacted Mohamed to say she hoped he was OK. She reveals: “Next thing he’s asking to video call me. I sent him my number and he called me from a pub. He said he was depressed and lonely. He kept telling me I was beautiful and asking if we could meet. I thought as we’d been talking on Facebook for two years then it wasn’t like he was a complete stranger. I realise that seems stupid now. So I told him I had a spare room and he could come and visit. I’d been single for 14 years. He’s the biggest mistake I ever made.”

They met in person when Mohamed travelled 225 miles by train from Somerset to Angela’s home in Leeds. She says: “When we met he picked me up and swung me round. He was shouting, ‘My Queen, my girl, my girl’. I’m quite a shy person, the station was really busy and everyone was looking. Then he asked me to hold his cigarette while he went into Marks & Spencer. He came out with 24 white roses and a carton of mixed grapes for me. It was lovely.” Back at her flat she rustled up spaghetti bolognese and they watched a movie before she showed him the spare room. But that wasn’t where he stayed. “I’m ashamed to say, for some reason, he ended up in my bed,” she admits.

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