Expat shocked by Aussie beach act

A British expat, who was visiting a beach on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, has revealed an “unwritten rule” found only in Australia.

A British expat has revealed her shock at a common act while visiting a beach in Queensland.

Jordana Grace, known as That British Girl on social media, posted a video to her TikTok showing a scene many beachgoers will be familiar with.

Describing it as “a little beach thing that just makes my day,” Jordana pointed the camera towards the ground to show several pairs of thongs and sandals.

There’s one thing this woman loves about a visit to an Aussie beach

The British expat revealed one thing she loves about Australian beaches.

“Okay, so you’re heading to the beach,” she says to the camera while walking across a car park. “You’ve got your flip flops on and you don’t wanna carry them on the beach. So this is what everyone does.

“Everyone just leaves their shoes by the beach and they’re here when you come back.

“I don’t know if this is the same around Australia but here on the Sunshine Coast you leave your shoes by the beach and they’re still there when you get back and I just love it.”

There’s a trend of beachgoers leaving their thongs at the beach instead of taking them onto the sand.

The young traveller said she loved the fact her shoes — and those belonging to others — were always left untouched at the beach. Many of her followers said the act was an “unwritten rule” of visiting the beach.

“Happens here down in South Australia to all the beaches around me,” one woman said about the trend.

“Who’s going to take them?’ asked another.

The expat often shares travel and lifestyle tips and tricks.

The expat often shares travel and lifestyle tips and tricks.

One follower, however, warned that while most people follow the code and leave footwear alone — others can have sticky fingers.

“Do this with caution! My ones were stolen they were my nice ones so that’s probably why but my $2 blue ones going strong,” the commenter wrote.

“I’m not abandoning my Birkenstocks on the beach,” another added.

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