Family breaks silence: Two-month-old baby boy Chance Ford died of SIDS in Ballarat, Victoria

A pair of Aussie parents are reeling after their two-month-old baby boy died suddenly, with his dad unable to kiss him goodbye before police intervened.

Baby Chance Ford spent last Saturday with his parents, Renee Lockett and Jake Ford, as well as his uncles, cousins and siblings at a lake near their home in Ballarat, Victoria.

The family was celebrating two birthdays and commemorating the suicide of an uncle 30 years ago. They spend the day laughing, eating and towing the kids along the water on the back of a boat, per the Daily Mail.

That evening, Mr Ford dropped Ms Lockett and Chance back at their home before continuing on to drop his kids from a previous relationship at their mother’s.

He returned home at about 9pm to find a tragedy had occurred.

His baby boy had been found unresponsive and could not be revived.

Post-mortem results released on Monday revealed Chance’s cause of death was sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), when an otherwise health infant dies suddenly in their sleep.

The investigation into his death was initially a homicide probe before foul play was ruled out.

Chance’s uncle, Joseph Ford, has shared the devastating moments after the baby died, saying his brother’s actions were out of character due to the horror of the situation.

Neighbours had reported yelling in the house on the night of Chance’s death, while Ms Lockett ran away from the home.

“I don’t think she could face it and I can only believe she was in complete fear,” Joseph said.

“Fear of what she was seeing, fear of my brother’s questions about what happened while not knowing the answers, fear of what was happening to her baby in front of her eyes.

“Maybe she couldn’t watch any longer. Maybe everything got too overwhelming and her instincts kicked in to just run, run and run.”

“Nobody can judge or knows how they will react in such an extreme situation unless they have experienced it,” Joseph added.

“He (Mr Ford) screamed in anguish, he screamed in disbelief, he screamed in extreme pain that buckled his knees and dropped him to the ground without any power in his body to retain the strength to hold himself up.”

Joseph said his brother was asked to leave the home by police, who arrived on the scene shortly after Chance’s death.

“He never got the opportunity to kiss his baby goodbye, was never allowed any time with his child at all,” he said.

Joseph asked that the family be given time to mourn their loss.

“The baby’s name was Chance, because everyone needs a chance in life, as announced by my brother the day he was born,” he said.

“We as a family are devastated, heartbroken and mourning the loss of our beautiful baby Chance.”

More information about SIDS can be found here.

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