Fisherman’s close encounter with massive great white

A Perth fisherman has had a close encounter with a massive great white shark off the Western Australia coast.

The four-metre predator was caught on camera yesterday circling a boat off Dawesville, south of the city.

It took a quick bite at the back of the vessel before swimming away.

It’s just the latest shark encounter in the state.

A 2.5-metre tiger shark, known by locals as Trevor, was filmed making an appearance on New Year’s Eve near revellers swimming at Perth’s Mullaloo Beach.

Aerial footage captured by drone operator Curtis Ramsay shows the shark swimming just metres from the foreshore as beachgoers appeared oblivious.

“It still amazes me that something this big, can be this close, to this many people and not one single person had the slightest clue that he was there,” Ramsay wrote in a post on Facebook.

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