Friends, witness shaken after 2 young passengers killed in NYC stunt-driving mishap : cops

Friends and witnesses were left shaken after a crash caused by a young driver’s stunt mishap killed two passengers — including a 15-year-old-girl — in a Bronx neighborhood known as a magnet for thrill-seeking motorists.

The unidentified 23-year-old driver of a Chrysler 300 hit a dip in the road just before the fatal crash with a parked truck, which happened near the intersection of Bryant and Viele Avenues in Hunts Point at about 3:30 a.m., the truck’s owner said.

“There was salt on the road, and there’s a dip, so when he hit that, he started losing control,” the truck owner, who identified himself as Chip, told The Post on Monday.

The driver had been trying to pull stunts behind the wheel but didn’t account for the slight slump in the road, which cuts through the heart of an industrial area near the East River, the owner said.

“I saw what happened,” he continued. “I saw what happened right after the accident, I saw how many kids were outside trying to open the doors.”

The caught-on-camera crash killed two passengers: Gilvante Roberson, 21, who sat in the front passenger seat; and Sabrina Villagomez, 15, who was sitting in the back.

The fatal crash happened near the intersection of Bryant and Viele Avenues in Hunts Point at about 3:30 a.m. G.N.Miller/NYPost
An online tribute to one of the victims, Gilvante Roberson, age 21.
Sabrina Villagomez also died during the horrific crash, which the truck’s owner said happened when the driver hit a dip in the road and lost control. Sabrina Villagomez /Facebook

Authorities rushed the pair to Lincoln Hospital but they both died from their injuries, the NYPD said.

On Monday, a friend of Roberson lamented his pal’s death.

“He was a super energetic kid, always happy, always putting a smile on someone’s face,” Jay Ben, 27, told The Post.

Ben, who works as a security guard, said he had known Roberson for about four years — they met while riding scooters, he said.

“He brings the car community together — individuals together, not only cars,” he continued, adding that Roberson worked at UPS.

“He was a marvelous person. He didn’t have no hate for no one … No one disliked him, no one hated him. We all loved him, and he didn’t have to go out like this.”

A grisly Sunday morning accident left two dead — including a 15-year-old — and put two others in the hospital G.N.Miller/NYPost
A memorial to the victims at the crash site. Tomas E.Gaston

Two of the victims went to Ramapo High School in Rockland County — including Villagomez, who was a sophomore, according to a letter to the community sent by the school district.

“This news is devastating for our entire East Ramapo school community, and our hearts are with the families and friends of these two students,” Superintendent Clarence G. Ellis wrote.

Cops have not made any arrests yet.

Debris from the accident still littered the sidewalk on Monday, just a few feet from a makeshift memorial that featured scores of candles spelling out “Gio.”

The driver was swerving out of control just before his car catapulted into the parked fuel truck, according to police sources and footage of the wreck.

He’d been driving recklessly as part of a meet-up of thrill seeking motorists, sources said.

After the crash, authorities brought him to Harlem Hospital, where he was in stable condition.

Another passenger — a 17-year-old girl — was brought to St. Barnabas Hospital in critical condition, the NYPD said.

Friends and supporters gathered in the industrial neighborhood to remember the victims. Tomas E.Gaston

Workers from the nearby Bronx Junk Car Depot said the accident was, unfortunately, nothing new.

In fact, it was the second one this week.

“It’s pretty normal for them to race and do donuts over here — especially on the weekends and midnights,” said one worker, who didn’t want to be named.

“In the summertime, it gets really bad,” he added. “We see it all the time.”

An Amazon worker named Paul said he always sees people speeding near the crash site.

“I have to double-take before I pull out the trucks because they come out of nowhere,” he said. “During the day, not so much. But at night, especially when it’s warm outside … it gets crazy.

“They need speed cameras or speed bumps here,” he continued. “Even though it’s mostly trucks in and out, it’s wide open roads, so it’s the ideal race area. But at what cost?”

The area is widely known as a haven for car racers because of its wide open streets. Tomas E.Gaston

Chip, the truck’s owner — who said he also manages the company Rags Fuel — was heartbroken over his totaled vehicle. He customized it by hand over three months, and it cost a quarter-million dollars, he said.

But that paled in comparison to how he felt about the deaths.

“It sucks, but people lost their lives,” he said. “Parents lost their children … this is a tragic loss. Very unfortunate.”

“My truck is replaceable,” he said. “Humans aren’t … It is what it is.”

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