Halls Creek band Kimberley Gold takes 4,000km journey to Tamworth Country Music Festival

After a three-year hiatus, West Australian band Kimberley Gold has returned to Australia’s largest music festival, delighting thousands of fans at this year’s Tamworth Country Music Festival.  

After cancelling previous tours to Tamworth due to pandemic lockdowns and unprecedented one-in-100-year flooding in the Kimberley, the band has travelled more than 4,000 kilometres from the town of Halls Creek to perform and busk.

Lead drummer Danny Calwyn said their journey was detoured due to heavy rain and flooding across the Northern Territory and the East Kimberley in Western Australia.

“We were lucky to get away this time around,” he said.

Mr Calwyn said he had to make the difficult decision to leave his family behind, who missed out due to road closures across the NT.

“I was supposed to bring my family across by road, but lucky we didn’t because there is a fair bit of rain up that way again, and the old river’s been coming up,” he said.

Kimberley Gold members say they’re relieved to have made it to Tamworth despite tropical cyclone threats.(Supplied: Danny Calwyn)

Band members Peter Brandy (lead guitar), Cleve Stretch (second lead), Eddie Yaloot (bass guitarist) and Samuel Kingsley (drummer) also made the journey, along with Tamworth first-timer, Rodney Rivers.

“It’s a first time for him and it’s an eye-opener,” Mr Calwyn said.

‘They love entertaining’

Festival manager Barry Harley said the crowd was happy to have Kimberley Gold return.

“I think what got them through those challenges was simply they love their music and they love entertaining,” he said.

“People were just energised by their energy.”

Mr Calwyn said he was grateful their performances put a spotlight on the Kimberley, and he hoped to soon tour across “his own backyard”.

“Every song we do always gets a good applause from the crowd,” he said.

“They all enjoy our music … whether they are published songs or originals.”

Bass guitarist Eddie Yaloot will miss Tuesday night’s performance on the big stage at Toyota Park after suffering from asthma and pneumonia.

Mr Calwyn said his band mate was recovering well and being looked after at a local hospital.

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