‘High fire danger’ forecast for much of Tasmania as authorities warn people to be vigilant

As much of Tasmania approaches a period of heightened fire danger over the next three days, authorities are urging people to exercise caution and remain vigilant.

The Tasmania Fire Service is warning that despite the absence of major bushfires since November, the risk remains significant due to fully cured fuel loads across the state.

“We have been fortunate that no major bushfires have occurred in Tasmania since November, but we need to avoid complacency,” TFS Deputy Chief Officer Matt Lowe said.

“Despite recent rain, the environment across most of the state is dry and the risk of bushfires is very real.”

Representatives from Sustainable Timer Tasmania, Parks and Wildlife and the Tasmania Fire Service. Image / Pulse

High Fire Danger ratings are forecast for King Island, Furneaux Islands, Central North, North East, East Coast, Midlands, Upper Derwent Valley, South East, Central Plateau and Western districts over the coming days.

This warning follows a recent bushfire consumed approximately 10 hectares of grasslands and light bush at Lands End near Richmond earlier this week.

A firefighter watches the bushfire from the dunes at Dolphin Sands in late 2023. Image / Tasmania Fire Service

Tasmania’s Parks and Wildlife Service is strongly advising anyone planning to explore the state during the upcoming long weekend to check ahead.

“Before you embark on an activity in one of our parks, check the area’s conditions,” said PWS State Fire Manager Katy Edwards.

“This should include possible fire weather and any current fire activity.”

Campfire restrictions remain in place for many of Tasmania’s national parks and reserves until further notice.


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