How to keep pipes from freezing


The effect of frozen pipes in your home can range from a minor inconvenience to an expensive catastrophe! In a best-case scenario, a frozen pipe may cause a brief interruption in your water supply. Irritating but no big deal. However, water expands when it turns to ice, and if it causes a pipe to crack, you’re probably going to be calling a plumber. And if the crack happens to occur when you’re away from home, and the weather subsequently warms up, you could be looking at thousands of dollars worth of water damage. So, there’s no doubt that prevention is much better than the cure.  

Watch the video to learn how to prevent pipes from freezing in the winter.

At what temperature do pipes freeze?

Obviously, it’s best to start thinking about protecting your pipes before the temperature dips. However, while there’s no magical number at which your pipes could ice up, it’s generally accepted that a freeze risk is possible when the temperature drops to somewhere in the region of 20F. Though, of course, the location of the pipes and the amount of insulation around them will be a factor.

How long does it take pipes to unfreeze?

Not every frozen pipe will burst, and unfreezing a pipe can be a relatively simple task that takes around half an hour, depending on the weather and where the blockage has occurred. If you choose to do it yourself, you should start by turning on the faucet to release the pressure. Next, slowly apply heat using a hair dryer or space heater. Wrapping the pipe in heat tape can also work. Do not use an open flame, as that can damage the pipe and presents a fire hazard. Once the water begins to flow again, leave the faucet running for a few minutes to allow the ice to clear the system completely.

Obviously, DIY will save you money. But for those who are not that handy, it always pays to keep the number of your local plumber on speed dial.

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