If you’re looking for snow in Massachusetts, here’s when to expect it next

BOSTON – Our string of days spent below freezing will finally come to an end Monday.

Temperatures will rise above 32 degrees for the first time since last Tuesday, the longest such streak in about three years. 

In fact, this week as a whole will be an above average temperature week. Highs will climb into the 40s and even some 50s by Friday!

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Despite the warming temperatures, it will be a rather rocky and wet week of weather with some form of precipitation falling every day except Monday.

We are not expecting anything too impactful and therefore, for now, do not have any NEXT Weather Alerts posted. As the warmer air starts to move in, there will be some light mixed precipitation.

This will arrive as snow later on Tuesday and gradually mix with and change to sleet and rain during the day Wednesday.

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Snow amounts will be low, generally a coating to a few inches. 

Periods of rain will persist from Wednesday evening through Friday. Total precipitation amounts will range between .5″ and one inch by the end of the week. That’s not enough to create much renewed flooding, but we will see the puddles returning as the snow and ice starts to melt again. This will also make some of the smaller lakes and ponds unsafe for recreation.

The next time frame to watch for the potential of a stronger, more impactful storm system would be late Sunday into Monday. There will be a coastal storm somewhere nearby. We’ll have more on this in the days ahead on WBZ-TV and streaming on CBS News Boston.

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