Kmart’s $25 pool float has been roasted over sun safety concerns

A $25 item from Kmart is being slammed by fans of the brand over concerns it is promoting poor sun safety.

Kmart is selling a 2-in-1 Inflatable Pool Lounger, which is intended to be used as a personal pool or as a flotation device.

The product, which retails for $25, is described as being suitable for ages 10 and up – with some shoppers labelling it the “best” summer buy.

But others have claimed the inflatable is encouraging tanning after one TikTok user shared a video stating she bought it to keep herself cool while sunbaking.

The woman, who posts under the handle @madssmorris, told shoppers to “run” to snag the new Anko product.

“If you are someone who likes to tan in the sun, you need to run to Kmart because I have the best thing to show you,” she said.

She called it “perfect”, pointing out it had a pillow and it could be filled with water for people who didn’t have access to a pool.

“I just know this is going to sell out, so girl, you better run,” she said.

News.com.au understands that the device is only intended to have two uses and tanning is not one of them.

But, social media users had a strong reaction to the Anko product, and its potential sun safety implications if used in the way described.

“My melanoma I had cut out at age 31 says noooo,” one social media user commented on the clip.

Another said: “Melanoma is out in 2024 (has been for a long time).”

“It never ceases to blow my mind that other people my age aren’t scarred by ‘tanning is skin cells in trauma; Get a fake tan and slip slop slap,’” referring to an advertising campaign that ran in the early 2000s.

“Do they sell blow up coffins as well for when that melanoma kicks in,” one commented.

One said: “There is no such thing as a safe tan. Tanning kills.”

“As an Australian why are you promoting tanning in the sun,” one user questions.

Another said they happened to stumble across the video while booking their skin check, which is recommended for anyone noticing changes to their skin and for high risk people every six months.

Australia has one of the highest rates of skin cancer diagnoses in the world, with 2000 people dying every year from the disease.

The Cancer Council recommends that, while in the sun, Aussies should be using sunscreen that is at least SPF30+ in protection.

It also recommends wearing clothing, putting on a hat and sunglasses, as well as finding a spot in the shade.

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