Kyle Sandilands slams ‘woke’ people who won’t celebrate Australia Day

Never one to hold back his opinion, Kyle Sandilands shared his brutal thoughts about Australia Day on The Kyle and Jackie O Show on Monday morning.

The KIIS FM presenter, 52, fired up while discussing the upcoming national holiday and called out the “woke industry of the media world” for discouraging employees from celebrating on January 26.

Kyle Sandilands.

Kyle Sandilands shared his brutal thoughts on Australia Day with his listeners on Monday morning. Photo: KIIS FM

“I can’t believe we’ve got to thank everyone for letting us use the land, but we’re not allowed to celebrate it on a national holiday,” he told listeners.

“Let me tell you, those that aren’t happy with Australia Day, don’t have a holiday! Go to work!”

Kyle also raged about Australia Day “whingers” during a radio interview with Opposition leader Peter Dutton on Friday.

“I know some folks don’t like that date, but that’s the date. It’s there, it’s been there for as long as I can recall,” he said. “People want us to feel guilty. I don’t feel guilty. I don’t feel guilty at all about the day.”


The shock jock also said he doesn’t believe it would matter if Australia changed the date because “there’s some people out there that always whinge about everything”.

First Nations peoples consider January 26 to be a day of mourning and not a day of celebration as it was the day Britain invaded Indigenous land. Many Australians stand with them and have called for the date to be changed to another day that everyone can celebrate.

This year marks the 30th year that Australia Day has been celebrated on January 26, despite many believing it has been that way forever.

Australian flags.

This year marks the 30th year that Australia Day has been celebrated on January 26, despite many believing it has been that way forever.

Steve Price erupts over Australia Day change

Kyle’s comments come shortly after Steve Price erupted on The Project over the decision from Woolworths, Big W, Aldi and Kmart to not sell Australia Day merch.

“Here we go again, more woke lecturing from corporate Australia,” he said. “I mean, you think they would have learned their lesson during the (Indigenous) Voice campaign, where 60 per cent of Australians said no to that.

“And all of these big corporates were tossing money in there and running ads. Now Woolies comes out and says if I want to go into Big W and buy a bucket hat in the shape of an Australian flag, I can’t. Well, that’s just dumb.”

While Steve’s co-hosts Georgie Tunny and Hamish Macdonald attempted to sway his opinion, arguing that the decision is a reflection of how Australians feel about the day and “changing attitudes”, he quickly shut them down.

“I’m proud to be Australian, thank you,” he declared.

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