Liam Grant: 16-year-old army cadet dies suddenly leaving family heartbroken

A Perth mother says her family is “broken” after the sudden death of her 16-year-old son.

Liam Grant’s mother Kelly said “time stopped” on January 19 when the teen passed away unexpectedly.

The teen was an army cadet sergeant who had just got his first car and “had so many plans” and “fun things ahead”.

“Now we fully understand the word and regrettably, know the feeling of being completely GRIEF STRICKEN,” Kelly wrote on social media.

“We love you so much Liam, we say it every day since 26th December 2007 and will not stop saying it ever for the rest of our days on this painful unfair earth.

“Everyone loves you… We always beamed with pride for you. Our perfect son. The brightest star in the sky.”

On January 1 the youngster shared a post online with the caption: “Good year had its ups and downs like every year but thank you for all the friends I made along the way. I’m very thankful to everyone that’s helped me but here’s a quote, not everyone that helps you is your friend and not everyone that is mean to you is your enemy. I’m so thankful for this year.”

A Go Fund Me was set up to support the Grant family two days ago and has since received more than $19,000 in donations.

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