Man in his 80s rescued after falling metres down cliff face in Victoria’s Yarra Ranges

Emergency workers have airlifted a man in his 80s to safety after he fell down a cliff in Victoria’s Yarra Ranges.

The man fell from a height of about 10 metres near Marysville, about 100 kilometres north-east of Melbourne CBD.

It is understood he was at the Keppel Lookout when he fell.

Emergency workers abseiled down to the man.(ABC News)

A large number of rescuers worked to get down the cliff to where the man fell, before providing initial first aid.

He was found with a gash to the head after the fall.

The man fell many metres from the Keppel Lookout.(ABC News)

The man was then winched into an ambulance helicopter on a stretcher, with an emergency worker hoisted through the air with him.

Paramedics flew the man to the Alfred Hospital to be treated for head and pelvis injuries.

The injuries were not life-threatening but the head wound was being treated seriously due to the man’s age.

The man is being treated for head and pelvis injuries.(ABC News)

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