Man Utd make ‘best post-Sir Alex appointment’ as Arsenal fans moan after 5-0 win

Manchester United have finally got an appointment right while the Arsenal fans moan about a 5-0 victory and Kieran Trippier’s proposed move to Bayern Munich is a strange one all round.

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Best post Sir-Alex appointment
City fan here.  Pretty much all media outlets have reported that Omar Berrada has been poached from City to be United’s new CEO.  Now that’s a coup make no mistake and, if I were a United supporter, I’d be very excited indeed.  It certainly signals the right intent.  I’d even argue that this is the best appointment, in football terms, that Man United have made since SAF’s reign.

Of course, that pre-supposes that Berrada will be given the same sort of leeway he had at both Barcelona and The Etihad.  At the same time, you wouldn’t expect somebody with his experience and CV to take this post on without some fairly concrete assurances surely.

My initial reaction when I got the news was simply this.

Mark (Don’t get carried away just yet though lads & lasses.  Berrada et al have a mountain to climb sorting out the sh*tshow of the last ten years+).  MCFC.


Gabriel push?
Joelinton literally made no attempt on the ball. I’m not sure how jumping straight up into the air to attack a ball that is headed far below where – had you actually intended to the play ball – was nowhere near where your head was going.

Then he clearly pushed Gabriel – the attempt in of itself should be penalized and contact was never in question – who cares if the contact was minimal the point is he wasn’t doing anything to actually attack the ball in a legal fashion.

Watch the Gabriel goals again. The first one is clearly a leap with a an attempt to attack the ball with his head – not his fault someone was in his way as he was quite skillfully planting it right past the keeper.

The Ben White “obstruction” – he was actually standing his ground and btw getting closely marked by a defender being very physical and restricting his movement – fair tussle by any standard. He was easily obstructing his own keeper as much as Ben White was.
MAW, LA Gooner (We really need to play Trossard at false 9 and move to Jesus to left 8.)


Anthony, Dublin, did Gabriel push the Palace player out of the way to make his header?
He was up in the air making his header before the defender gets near him for the first one and is quickest again against the same guy at the second one.
There’s your answer.


To Anthony from Dublin, you were right to doubt Arsenal fans would stop moaning because, no, they won’t stop.  Disallowing those two goals against Palace would have made no difference – Arsenal would still have won 3-0 and got all the points.  But thanks for checking.
John, London

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Arsenal fans ‘moan’ after 5-0 win
First and foremost in response to an email about Arsenal fans ‘whining’ about the Newcastle goal…have Arsenal fans really done so? Arteta yes but representing all clubs.

Now, Arsenal and some of our irritating fickle fans….where to begin?

We were two nil up in an average game where both sides weren’t producing much. When following Arsenal, I read supporters comments just to see if my opinions relate to others. People were saying “can we only score from set pieces?”…wow! Part of the game…a very important part!

Raya delivered Arsenal’s third…but he’s still hated because he stole Ramsdale’s candy. Balancing the points Ramsdale saved for us last season against what he gave away I would say Ramsdale gave away six points. We lost the league by five.

ESR comes on and people say he changes a game that is won. Eddie set up Martinelli for the fourth and Jorginho for the fifth.

I’m a big fan of Ramsdale and ESR but everything looked good today. Raya in particular….lovely third goal.

How can people moan after a 5:0 victory? In a South London Pub singing 5:0 to the Arsenal to ‘Sweet Caroline’

Back to winning ways.
Chris, Croydon


‘Strange’ Trippier move
Kieran Trippier to Bayern. Strange one all round. He loved Atletico, but wanted to bring his family back to England. So why leave again?

And Toon won’t get much for him, are his wages really that high? Or are they already planning to phase in Livramento as his replacement, and just figure the seasons gone anyway, so why not?

As for Bayern….I don’t know much about their squad depth, but they also tried to sign Kyle Walker in the summer. Either they really need a right back, or Thomas Tuchel is trolling both Todd Boehly and Daniel Levy by attempting to win the league with a team full of Tottenham players?!?
Stewart, Chicago


Apologies to Dave Tickner – and to Mike WHU
Firstly, Mike – the person who replied to you wasn’t Dave Tickner, just another Dave, me.

I wrote in after a couple of beers, mainly to shoehorn in ‘Euro LDV Vans’ about West Ham’s absolutely top tier trophy into my email, and to hopefully cause a tickle of amusement and maybe a reaction – I do appreciate your email Mike was actually a really good one, so sorry about that..

Anyway I think the mailbox should consider challenging the esteemed F365 writers to include certain phrases into their next piece. But what would they be? What would have the biggest reaction with Liverpool fans maybe? As a Spurs fan I know they get ‘all the VAR decisions in their favour’, every one, so maybe that’s a challenge for Dave T to get stuck into next time.
Dave (spurs, but not Dave Tickner)


Toney MOTM
That Ivan Toney man of the match was as rigged as that time Gazza quit drinking for a week so Sky gave him a fruit bowl rather than the usual champagne at the time.

Apart from a very poorly defended free kick he did nothing. But it is a euros year so it’ll be an England player on sky unless salah is playing .
Anthony, Dublin 

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