Melbourne doctor Ash Gordon farewelled after horror alleged stabbing

The best friend of a beloved doctor allegedly murdered outside his Melbourne home has delivered an emotional final farewell.

Dr Ash Gordon, 33, was injured when he confronted alleged thieves who allegedly broke into his Doncaster home on January 13.

Two 16-years-old boys faced court last week after they were charged with murder, aggravated burglary and theft.

Dr Gordon’s best friend, Tristen, kissed the doctor’s coffin as it was escorted from Kernot Hall, in Morwell on Friday.

Unlike other speakers who described Dr Gordon as a “big buff dude”, Tristan said in his eulogy he could be who he truly was: “a dork”.

“Everyone always saw him as this big, cool, smart, handsome bloke… No one saw us running around the loungeroom like ninjas,” he said.

“Ash was my friend for nearly 25 years and what I wouldn’t give to have been with him for 25 more.

“His dedication and strong moral code is why Ash was loved by everyone who knew him.”

In her eulogy, Dr Gordon’s elder sister, Natalie Gordon, remembers becoming the then Monash graduate’s “first patient”.

The pair were at the a dam near their parent’s hobby farm at Hazelwood in the Gippsland region when she cut her finger.

“Ash raced me up to the house and use a whole box of Band-Aids to patch me up,” an emotional Ms Gordon said.

“I was thankful to avoid stitches and he also dampen the trouble we would get into later.

“We were just lucky nothing happened to either of us when we were jumping from the roof to the train into the pool.

“Not sure he even he could attach that one up. This is a secret mom and dad have only just found out.”

Breaking down, Ms Gordon told mourners she had promised to “take the risk and live the life I dreamt of just as he did”.

“This isn’t goodbye little brother. I’ll see you again one day,” Ms Gordon said.

“And, when I do I can’t wait for you to tell me how bad my wrinkles are and for you to give me a big hug. Until we meet again Brother Bear.”

Also breaking into tears, sister Tammy said her brother had a “passion for life and a big personality”.

“I held my brother for the last time yesterday and it was the hardest moment… I cannot imagine life without you,” she said.

“Losing a sibling is missing the one person you can truly be yourself with. The love of a sibling is the most unconditional love of all.

Ms Gordon said the last moment with her brother was on Christmas Day, before he returned to Melbourne.

“He gave me one of those big Ash hugs where he just wrapped his arms around you and pulls you into his chest,” she said.

“I said to him ‘I love you’, and he said ‘I love you back’. That is a memory I will treasure forever.”

The young doctor’s mother Catherine and father Glen were in attendance at the service.

Family and friends remember a ‘bloody good bloke’

Dr Gordon’s extended family also delivered messages during the service, including his brother Brad and brother in law.

His nephew, Bailey, delivered a message on behalf of his third sister, Carrie, who said the pain of losing their brother was “indescribable”.

“Death may have taken you away from us, where they can never take away the love for the memories we share,” he said.

Dr Gordon’s godfather, Jason Kennedy, described him as a “dreamer who never gave up”.

“Today we celebrate a career achieved by man loved by so many,” he said.

“A doctor who touch the lives of countless patients, leaving an indelible mark on the medical community.”

Dr Gordon’s best friend Tristan said he struggled for a week to write his farewell message to his mate of 25 years,

Shadow of the Day by American rock band Linkin Park played as the final mourners filled the hall, with Dr Gordon’s coffin next to the stage.

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