Met Office says snow to hit in February and announces exact dates of flurries

A new snow alert has been issued to the UK as the Met Office warns of Arctic “hazards” next month. A fresh snow warning has emerged as the Met Office hints at Polar conditions sweeping into the UK in February after this week’s cold snap.

A forecast from the Met Office from February 4 to February 18 said ahead of the second month of the year, which is set to arrive next week: “Into early February there is an increased likelihood of high pressure having greater influence on UK weather patterns.

“There is uncertainty in exactly where high pressure will become established but, regardless, this does increases the likelihood of drier conditions. There is also a greater than normal likelihood of winds from the north or east leading to an increased chance, compared to normal, of cold spells.

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“Colder spells, with hazards such as snow and ice, are more likely towards mid-February, rather than earlier in the month. Whilst a drier and colder scenario is most likely through this period, there remains a chance of milder interludes with spells of rain and strong winds, especially across the north.”

And a NetWeather forecast said: “Long range forecast models have consistently been pointing towards high latitude blocking for February, especially around Greenland. Thus, there is a substantial chance that the high [pressure] will push further northwards and westwards, increasing the chances of northerly and north-easterly winds setting in at times towards mid-February, which could bring some wintry weather especially to northern and eastern Britain.”

And BBC forecast said: “The further north and northwest you are the more chance there will be of catching some rain and mountain snow at times, as Atlantic frontal systems approach and slide northeastwards. These areas will be somewhat milder as a result, and occasionally windy.”

“The chance of a blocked atmosphere and lower temperatures tend to increase, and so the forecast leans slightly towards the probability of colder weather re-developing before mid-February,” the BBC meteorologists add.

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