Moment XL Bully attack victim limps to escape bloodbath before armed cops shot crazed dog FOUR times

THIS is the moment an XL Bully victim limped to escape a bloodbath attack before armed cops were forced to shoot the crazed mutt FOUR times to end the horror.

CCTV footage shows the man hobbling into a nearby Day Today store for safety during the nightmare ordeal in Hamilton on Tuesday afternoon.

CCTV footage shows the man hobbling into a nearby Day Today store for safety
Nine stone beast Zeus was shot four times by armed cops
Two men cheated death after the devil dog savaged them in maulings

We told how two men cheated death after the devil dog savaged them in maulings between Tinto View and Loudon Hill Avenue in the South Lanarkshire town.

Owner William Hunter, in his late 40s, and neighbour Michael Mccafferty, in his 20s, were set upon by nine stone beast Zeus.

William, who told neighbours he only ‘rescued’ the dog a week ago from England, was left with wounds to his hip, hands, wrists and leg.

Michael was bitten on the leg but luckily was left with only a limp.

Armed police tried tasering the raging beast before it turned on the officer – who then shot it four times.

William remains at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital in Glasgow suffering from serious injuries while Michael was treated at Hairmyres Hospital in East Kilbride before being released.

XL Bullies are banned in England but the SNP Government have not yet followed suit, meaning this terror could potentially have been prevented.

Eyewitness Kevin Pace, 52, said: “That dog would have killed someone if it hadn’t been stopped.”

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Unemployed Kevin, who lives in the same block of flats as both victims, said it took four bullets to end the bloodbath.

Recalling the horror, he said: “I heard a lot of barking and then saw two guys basically fighting with the dog, it wouldn’t let go of one of them.

“One guy managed to free himself but the dog stayed clamped on the owner.

“The dog looked angry and scared.

Victim Michael was bitten by beast
Eyewitness Kevin Pace said the dog ‘could have killed someone’Credit: Les Gallagher
Police Scotland confirmed the dog was shot dead by specialist armed officers after it attempted to attack one of themCredit: Les Gallagher
Cops were still at the scene todayCredit: Les Gallagher

“The cops turned up with riot shields and approached the dog. They tried tasering it but that had no effect.

“Eventually the armed cop shot it but it took three or four shots to put it down, it wasn’t for dying.

“The owner had been savaged across his wrists, legs and hips – there was blood everywhere.”

Kevin added: He said: “I heard the victim tell officers he’d only had the dog for a week.

“The owner wasn’t upset that the dog was shot, he looked relieved.

“It was going to kill someone if it wasn’t stopped.”

Another neighbour said the dog had only appeared a week ago and was ‘from London.’

However it could not be confirmed last night whether the XL Bully-type was one of the many dogs that have crossed the border to escape the ban in England.

A similar ban is set to be implemented in Scotland but the Scottish Government has been accused of dragging its heels over the issue.

Police Scotland confirmed the dog was shot dead by specialist armed officers after it attempted to attack one of them – and inquiries into the breed are ongoing.

How will the XL Bully Ban work?

It will be a criminal offence to have an XL bully dog in Scotland unless it is on the exemption register.

Any XL bully dog must also be on a lead and muzzled at all times in a public place, including in a private car.

It will also be illegal to breed, sell, advertise, gift, exchange, abandon or let XL bully dogs stray in Scotland.

The requirement to record dogs on the exemption register will follow.

Superintendent Steven Espie said: “This was a distressing incident for those involved. I would like to reassure the local community that this was a contained incident and there is no further risk to the public.

“There will be a continued police presence in the area while our enquiries continue.

“Enquiries are also ongoing to establish the breed of the dog.”

The Police Investigations and Review Commissioner have also begun a probe due to a firearm being discharged.

Scottish Conservative MSP Jamie Greene said: “This horrific case fully exposes the recklessness of the SNP’s failure to immediately follow a UK-wide ban on XL bullies.

“It was inevitable that there would be an influx of these dogs into Scotland, when the SNP refused to back a similar and sensible ban.

“SNP ministers were warned of the potential consequences of any delay, and despite being forced into a humiliating u-turn that has sadly come too late for the victims of this brutal attack and led to the shooting of a dog.”

There have also been a number of horror attacks in Scotland involving XL Bullies.

We told last October how eyewitnesses spoke of their horror at seeing an XL Bully savage its teenage owner in a terrifying attack in Motherwell that left him needing surgery.

The same month, a court heard how an out-of-control XL Bully mauled three kids in terrifying attacks in Forfar just weeks apart.

And in September, we told how XL Bully owner Gaynor Kerr, 47, from Dundee, had her thumb bitten off in a horrific attack where her husband George, 63, was also badly mauled.

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The Scottish Government previously confirmed a crackdown on the dogs would be extended to Scotland.

First Minister Humza Yousaf had come under fire for not replicating a similar ban in Scotland, with fears the breed was flooding up north when they were banned in England and Scotland.

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