New Met Office maps show when Storm Jocelyn huge wall of rain will hit

There is more bad weather on the way for the United Kingdom as it prepares for another round of high winds and heavy rain just hours after Storm Isha. The Met Office has confirmed that Storm Jocelyn is forecast to arrive on Tuesday (January 23).

The storm which was named by Irish meteorologists at Met Eireann is set to bring more strong winds and heavy rain into the UK. While Storm Jocelyn has been described as a ‘step down’ from Storm Isha, it is still expected to bring up to 16mm of rainfall to the region which is set to last for up to nine hours on the day.

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High winds and heavy rain are forecasted for the UK again with Storm Jocelyn

According to the Met Office’s latest weather maps, the humungous wall of rain coming from the west will reach the Greater Manchester region at around 7:45am and last well into the afternoon, dissipating at around 4pm.

The weather map indicates that lunchtime will be see the heaviest flow of rain with the showers set to peak at around 1:15pm. It will be a cold start to the day with residents waking up to temperatures of up to 6C, but the day will be a mild one as the heat will rise and peak to around 13C.

Wind speeds will be consistent through out the day but pick up late in the evening

The Met Office predicts wind gusts to peak at 49mph but that won’t be until late into the evening at around 7pm, when the worst of the rain is set to have moved on. The average windspeed will remain consistent through out the day also, staying at around 16mph, however the late evening will see this pick up with the Met Office predicting readings as high as 25mph.

Storm Jocelyn is the latest storm to hit the United Kingdom in just a short few days after the nation was battered by Storm Isha over the the weekend. Storm Isha saw a power outage at over 400 homes and businesses in Hazel Grove, Stockport with other areas such as Bolton, Tameside and Oldham seeing power cuts caused by the strong winds. The weather also caused major disruptions at airports with many flights delayed, cancelled or diverted, leaving some passengers ‘stuck on runways’.

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