Nottingham attack sentencing live: Killer Valdo Calocane sentenced over deaths of Grace O’Malley-Kumar, Barnaby Webber and Ian Coates | UK News

Dr Sanjoy Kumar, the father of Grace O’Malley-Kumar, is next to speak.

He says the family will “never come to terms” with her loss and how she died.

“She was a gift to us, which she a gift to the country,” he says.

Dr Kumar says Grace’s family have never questioned Calocane’s diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia.

But he points to what he says were a “lack of toxicology [reports]” and “contemporaneous mental health assessments” during the case.

He adds there were “missed opportunities” to “divert [Calocane’s] lethal calls” that will “forever play on our minds”.

“We will look for answers regarding missed opportunities to intervene and prevent this horrendous crime.”

Asked what will happen now, Dr Kumar answers that the victims’ families will “regroup” and says they have “been through absolute hell” for the past few days.

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