One of the teens accused of stabbing young Melbourne doctor Ash Gordon in home invasion alleged to have committed almost identical crime months earlier

By Zak Wheeler For Daily Mail Australia

23:41 22 Jan 2024, updated 23:41 22 Jan 2024

A teen who is accused of murdering a young doctor while on bail had allegedly broken into another home armed with a machete mere months before. 

The 16-year-old, who with another teen allegedly killed Dr Ash Gordon, 33, near his Melbourne home on January 13, allegedly left another man with serious head injuries after robbing his house in October. 

His alleged previous victims claim that the Victorian government has ‘blood on its hands’ and that the boy should not have been released on bail. 

Dr Gordon, 33, was fatally stabbed when he gave chase to two intruders who broke into his Sargent Street home in Doncaster.

The teen’s alleged previous victims told the Herald Sun that Dr Gordon’s death has left them traumatised and struggling to move on from their own encounter.

One of the teens accused of murdering Dr Ash Gordon in his home on January 13 had allegedly performed a similar burglary in October 2023 that left a man with serious head injuries
The 16-year-old’s alleged previous victims said they have been left traumatised and that the boy, who was on bail when he allegedly murdered Dr Gordon, should have been imprisoned

In a statement the alleged previous victims pleaded with Victorian premier Jacinta Allan to reconsider the state’s planned youth justice reform. 

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‘We are trying to move on with our lives, however, when a case on (alleged) teen crime is reported, we feel anxious, helpless and frustrated with the broken system,’ they told the publication.

‘The Allan government and the justice system have blood on their hands, and ultimately should be held accountable.’

Under the terms of his bail, the 16-year-old was subject to a nightly curfew but still managed to allegedly break into Dr Gordon’s home shortly before 5:30am. 

Ms Allan has faced increasing calls to dump Victoria’s overhaul of the youth justice system which would see the age of criminal responsibility raised.

The government has committed to raising the age that a child can be arrested, jailed or charged from 10 to 12 by the end of 2024, and again to 14 by 2027.

Some crimes will remain exempt from these changes, including homicides. 

Dr Gordon, 33, was fatally stabbed when he gave chase to two intruders who allegedly broke into his Sargent Street home at 5:30am on a Saturday
Victorian Premier Jacinta Allan has been urged by the boy’s alleged previous victim to drop the state’s youth justice reform that would raise the age of imprisonment for children

Ms Allen however has insisted that the reforms are a key priority of her government and that they will help prevent future criminal ­activity.

‘There’s a huge amount of work that’s being undertaken by Victoria Police to work with those young people … [and] that sort of prevention-based activity is the best way to address future youth crime,’ she said.

‘At the same time, when offences are made, Victoria Police have the tools and resources to deal with those.’

The premier also stressed that the state has ‘some of the lowest crime rates in the country’ and that people ‘should be celebrating the fact we live in a community that is safe’.

Opposition Leader John Pesutto challenged Ms Allan’s last point, claiming that ‘the recent spate of aggravated burglaries and other violent crime’ suggested otherwise.

‘Jacinta Allan needs to scrap Labor’s plan to raise the age of criminal responsibility and reverse its decision to weaken bail laws,’ he said.

‘Labor needs to also restore the funding it has slashed in crime prevention and youth justice so we can tackle a 10-year high in youth crime.

‘Victorians are looking for the Premier to lead on this critical issue to ensure we are doing everything we can to protect community safety.’

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