Port Lincoln drowning Dan Cojocea: Police recover body of Roxby Downs dad

The body of a father who went missing after swimming at a popular beach has been found after a four-day search.

Police on Monday confirmed they located the body of Dan Cojocea, 43, after he was reportedly sucked into a rip while swimming at Mary Ellis Wreck Beach, near Port Lincoln on South Australia’s Eyre Peninsula on Friday afternoon.

At the time Mr Cojocea was on holiday from the Roxby Downs in the state’s north, and swimming with his two sons, and the daughter of a friend when they were pulled out to sea.

Riaan Grobler, the father of the girl, said Mr Cojocea managed to save the children from the rip, allowing them to be rescued by paramedics.

“He somehow got the kids out, keep telling them keep swimming, keep swimming,” Mr Grobler told 9News.

“He disappeared, that was it.”

Authorities confirmed there are no suspicious circumstances surrounding his death, and thanked people who were involved in the search.

The wide-scale search involved crews from PolAir, Volunteer Marine Rescue, State Emergency Service drones and ground crews.

Police will now prepare a report for the coroner.

Speaking to reporters on Saturday, Mr Cojocea’s sister Camelia Cantell described him as a “fantastic dad,” and said the family were hoping for a “one-in-a-million miracle”.

“We still hold out the highest hope and we believe in amazing miracles and until there’s a resolution, until we find him then we are hoping for a one-in-a-million miracle, that can be him” she said.

“Maybe one day he’ll just laugh about his adventures, he likes to tell a good story.”

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