Queensland woman finds deadly eastern brown snake coiled around her cat’s neck

A Queensland woman had the fright of her life after discovering one of Australia’s deadliest snakes wrapped around her cat’s neck.

The woman shared the terrifying experience on Facebook, explaining that she stumbled across her cat locked in a chokehold by an eastern brown snake on Wednesday.

“In an adrenaline-filled haze I managed to unravel it myself with a pair of kitchen tongs,” she said.

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A Queensland woman has made a horrifying discovery. (Facebook/Rebecca Daynes)

“It has been 24 hours and so far Mabel hasn’t shown any symptoms or signs of distress.”

In an added twist, she revealed Mabel also suffers from a brain tumour.

“I’m starting to think she’s immortal,” she joked.

“She also tried to escape outside again this morning so she clearly hasn’t learnt any lessons either.”

She explained “in an adrenaline-filled haze” she was able to remove the snake with kitchen tongs. (Facebook/Rebecca Dwyers)

The woman said no one was harmed in the ordeal, including the snake, which she presumed was now “somewhere in the garden or the bushland behind the house”.

The eastern brown snake is considered the second deadliest snake in the world.

Its venom contains a powerful neurotoxin, which paralyses the nerves of the heart, lungs and diaphragm, leading victims to suffocate.

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