Russia-Ukraine war live: At least 27 killed in Donetsk shelling as Putin’s troops report desperate conditions

Firefighters battle blaze in Ukraine’s Odessa after Russian airstrike on residential building

Shelling in the city of Donetsk has killed at least 27 people and left 25 others wounded, officials said, as Russian troops report desperate conditions.

Images taken at the scene by Reuters photojournalists showed crying people, some who said they had lost their relatives, and bodies lying on blood-soaked snow near one of the city’s markets.

Russia claimed without evidence that Western-supplied weapons were used in the attack. Kyiv did not immediately comment on the strike, but its Tavria army group later denied responsibility also.

It comes as Russian opposition outlet Mobilization News reported that Russian military commanders were mistreating troops at a training ground in Volgograd Oblast.

The Institute for the Study of War (ISW) reported that Russian military personnel told Mobilization News that they have to sleep in unheated tents and purchase their own uniforms and equipment and that no one is training them.

It was also reported that ‘unspecified peoeple’, likely Russian commanders, were beating and abusing troops and that personnel “only rehearse formations before the arrival of high-ranking officers”.


Russia says it is taking measures after suspected Ukrainian attack on fuel terminal

Russia‘s military and other government agencies are taking the necessary measures, including when it comes to air defences, after a suspected Ukrainian drone attack on a Russian fuel export terminal, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Monday.

Russia‘s Novatek said on Sunday it had been forced to suspend some operations at the terminal and “technological process” at an adjacent complex due to a fire which Ukrainian media said was the result of a drone attack.

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Poland’s new PM arrives in Kyiv

Poland’s new prime minister Donald Tusk arrived in neighbouring Ukraine on Monday to meet President Volodymyr Zelensky, his office said, aiming to further strengthen relations as the war with Russia nears the two-year mark.

Tusk’s government is exploring how to make more ammunition and military equipment as part of a new aid package for Ukraine, foreign minister Radoslaw Sikorski said last week.

Warsaw has emerged as a key ally for Kyiv as it defends itself against Russia and seeks more financial and military support from Western partners. Poland has also taken in more than a million Ukrainian refugees.

But relations between the two had also deteriorated in recent months amid blockades by Polish truckers at the border, which threatened to dent Ukraine‘s GDP.

They agreed last week to suspend their protests, which had been aimed at revoking Ukrainian truckers’ permit-free access to the European Union, until March 1.

A video released by Tusk’s office showed the newly installed leader, who assumed office last month, arriving at Kyiv’s main train station in his first trip to Ukraine as prime minister.


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Putin’s troops report desperate conditions

Russian troops are reportedly being “beaten and abused” while being forced to purchase their own uniform and sleep in unheated tents at a training ground in Volgograd Oblast.

War-monitoring think tank The Institute for the Study of War (ISW) reported that military personnel told Mobilization News that they have to sleep in unheated tents and purchase their own uniforms and equipment and that no one is training them.

The Russian opposition outlet also reported that ‘unspecified people’, likely Russian commanders, were beating and abusing troops and that personnel “only rehearse formations before the arrival of high-ranking officers”.

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Ukraine down eight drones overnight

Ukraine’s military said they had downed eight Russian drones overnight on Monday morning, AFP reports.

“The enemy attacked with eight attack UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) of the Shahed-136/131 type from the Primorsko-Akhtarsk region of the Russian Federation,” the air force said in a statement.

It added that the drones had been downed by defence systems in several southern and central regions of Ukraine.

There were no immediate reports of damage caused by falling debris.

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Motivation to win on the court

Ukrainian tennis player Marta Kostyuk said it was important for the country’s players to keep winning at the Australian Open to remind people of the continuing conflict.

The 21-year-old thrashed Russian qualifier Maria Timofeeva 6-2, 6-1 and refused to shake her hand afterwards. Kostyuk will meet US Open champion Coco Gauff in the quarter-final.

Marta Kostyuk hopes to keep the Ukraine war in the headlines with her performance at the Australian Open

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Pictures from shelling of market in Donetsk – local officials say at least 27 people were killed

(Anadolu via Getty Images)

(Anadolu via Getty Images)

(Anadolu via Getty Images)

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A Century after Lenin’s death

Sunday marked 100 years since the death of Lenin – here we take a look on how the founder of the Soviet Union is thought of in modern Russia

Alex Ross22 January 2024 03:45


Putin set for meeting in North Korea

North Korea and Russia have pledged to establish a “new multi-polarised international order” and are undertaking “deep strategic communication” on various regional and international issues, the North Korean foreign ministry said on Sunday, according to state media KCNA.

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Zelensky does not address shelling in Donetsk

In his nightly video address, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy did not address the attack but said that in a single day, Russia had shelled more than 100 cities, towns and villages in nine regions in Ukraine, and that the attacks in Donetsk region had been “particularly severe.”

Donetsk is one of four regions in Ukraine‘s east and south that Russia claimed to have annexed in late 2022 in a move condemned as illegal by most countries at the U.N. General Assembly. Russia does not fully control any of the four regions.

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‘Work remains to be done’

A summit of the European Union’s foreign ministers in Brussels takes place on Monday – with the focus being on both Russia’s aggression against Ukraine and the situation in the Middle East.

It will include engagements with foreign ministers from Israel, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Palestine, and Ukraine, and the secretary general of the League of Arab States.

Ireland’s deputy PM Michael Martin said: “We have seen reprehensible attacks in Ukraine over the new year period, which has caused civilian death and significant damage to civilian infrastructure on a large scale.

“These attacks show that Russia is intent on continued escalation.

“While we were able to deliver some important messages in December, including the historic decision by the European Council to open accession negotiations with Ukraine, it is clear that much work remains to be done.

“There are a number of important meetings in weeks ahead, including the Foreign Affairs Council today, and it is critical that we as the EU continue to send a clear and united message of support for Ukraine.”

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