Sarah Ferguson news: Duchess of York diagnosed with malignant melanoma

Sarah, Duchess of York diagnosed with skin cancer

Sarah Ferguson has revealed that she is battling an aggressive form of skin cancer – just months after being diagnosed with breast cancer.

The Duchess of York’s spokesperson said the diagnosis had been “distressing”, but that she otherwise remains in good spirits.

The malignant melanoma was found after her dermatologist asked that several moles were tested at the same time as the Duchess was undergoing reconstructive surgery following her mastectomy.

This comes while both King Charles and the Princess of Wales are dealing with their respective health scares, with Prince Harry and Meghan reaching out to lend their support.

The couple reportedly made contact as Kate spends her sixth day recovering from abdominal surgery at the London Clinic and King Charles prepares to undergo treatment for his enlarged prostate.

A source told The Mirror: “The King and the Princess of Wales have received support from Prince Harry and Meghan regarding their health. The Duke and Duchess contacted both parties in different ways to pass on their concern and best wishes.”


What is malignant melanoma?

Sarah, Duchess of York has been diagnosed with malignant melanoma following the removal of a cancerous mole during treatment for breast cancer.

Melanoma is a type of skin cancer that can spread to other areas of the body. Any diagnosis of melanoma is cancer, even if the term “malignant” is not used before it.

The NHS states that the main cause of melanoma is ultraviolet light, which comes from the Sun and is used in sunbeds.

Other factors that increase the chances of getting melanoma include having pale skin; red or blonde hair; blue or green eyes; a large number of freckles or moles and a family history of skin cancer.

The risk of melanoma increases with age, but compared to most other cancer types, it is also quite common in younger people, say Cancer Research UK.


Athena Stavrou22 January 2024 08:07


Sarah Ferguson ‘very resilient’ despite diagnosis, friend says

Sarah Ferguson is reportedly still “very resilient” following her skin cancer diagnosis according to her friends.

Yesterday, the Duchess of York’s spokesperson said a malignant melanoma was found after her dermatologist asked that several moles were tested at the same time.

This comes after both King Charles and the Princess of Wales undergo treatment for their respective health scares.

A source told the MailOnline that the duchess “has been gathering her strength in Austria and is now being supported by the family”.

A spokesman said that while her diagnosis had been ‘distressing’ so soon after she underwent treatment for breast cancer, but said she “remains in good spirits”.


Athena Stavrou22 January 2024 07:20


Watch: Princess of Wales’ last public appearance as she’s admitted to hospital for surgery

Princess of Wales’ last public appearance as she’s admitted to hospital for surgery

The Princess of Wales smiles at well-wishers and holds hands with Princess Charlotte in her last public appearance before being admitted to hospital for abdominal surgery. Princess Kate greeted crowds as she attended the royal family’s Christmas Day church service in Sandringham. She has not been seen in public since. Kensington Palace today (Wednesday 17 January) announced the Princess had successfully undergone planned abdominal surgery. She was admitted to the London Clinic in Marylebone on Tuesday (16 January) for the planned procedure and is expected to remain in hospital for ten to 14 days.

Holly Evans22 January 2024 06:30


Searches for ‘prostate check’ surge after the announcement of King Charles’ hospital procedure

The King’s upcoming “corrective procedure” has caused a surge in Google searches for prostate checks worldwide.

The analysis, by skincare experts at Supplement Doctor, reveals that searches for ‘prostate check’ and ‘how to check prostate’ increased by 242% and 217% worldwide in the last seven days after King Charles’ announcement of suffering symptoms connected to an enlarged prostate. It is understood that The King was keen to reveal his diagnosis to encourage others to get checked also.

Worldwide searches for ‘prostate symptoms’ have also soared by 290% in the past seven days at the same time. This is an increase of over four times the average search interest.

The announcement has also encouraged searches for ‘prostate check age’, which have skyrocketed by 275% in the past 12 months worldwide.

Holly Evans22 January 2024 05:30


Charles misses weekly church service in Sandringham

King Charles appears to have missed the weekly church service in Sandringham amid his ongoing health scare.

Charles usually attends the service every week but crowds gathered today noticed his absence as he prepares for a planned operation for an enlarged prostate next week.

Holly Evans22 January 2024 04:30


Sarah Ferguson diagnosed with skin cancer just months after breast cancer treatment

Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, has been diagnosed with an aggressive form of skin cancer, just months after she was treated for breast cancer.

The duchess underwent an eight-hour mastectomy in July last year – but during follow-up surgery last month, dermatologists removed several moles, finding one to be malignant melanoma.

Despite the diagnosis, the 64-year-old is said to be in “good spirits” as she faces further tests to discover if the cancer has spread to other parts of her body.

Read the full article here

Holly Evans22 January 2024 03:30


Prince Harry may have been unaware of King’s condition

Prince Harry may not have been informed about King Charle’s enlarged prostate before the news was announced to the public, say the Telegraph.

The announcement was made in the UK at 3.25pm which is 7.25am in the Duke of Sussex’s Californian home, and the Prince may have been informed via a news alert, the paper understands.

It was early in the morning for Prince Harry when the announcement was made so he could have missed direct messages, report the Telegraph.

Prince Harry may have found out about his father through a news alert


The royals informed all the senior members of the Royal family, including Prince Harry, before broadcasting the news, say the publication.

The publication reached out to the palace and the Sussex’s who declined to comment.

Holly Evans22 January 2024 02:30


Who in the royal family is out of action?

With the King due in hospital next week for corrective treatment for his benign condition and William – the next in line to the throne – and Kate out of action for the immediate future, Charles’s slimmed down monarchy – with three of the most senior royals missing – has been put under pressure in a way not seen before during his reign.

Joe Little, of Majesty magazine, said the health troubles have compounded the problem facing the small band of working royals.

Mr Little said: “The working members of the royal family have been under pressure to maintain the level of engagements undertaken by a much larger team in years gone by.

“Suddenly removing three of the most senior players because of health issues compounds the problem considerably, but at least the King will be out of action for only a relatively short period.”

The Queen is still carrying out engagements, joining the Princess Royal, the Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh, the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester, the Duke of Kent and Princess Alexandra as the current working monarchy – with the latter two appearing increasingly frail in recent years.

Holly Evans22 January 2024 01:30


Family of fundraiser Tony Hudgell hopes Kate gets well and rests

The Princess of Wales has been sent warm wishes for a speedy recovery by the family of an inspirational child fundraiser who urged her not to try to be “superwoman” and rush back to work too soon.

Double amputee Tony Hudgell, nine, who counts Kate as a “number one supporter”, became the youngest person to feature in the New Year Honours when he was awarded the British Empire Medal (BEM) for services to the prevention of child abuse.

The youngster from Kent, has raised more than £1.8 million for charity since he was five, including £500,000 that went to a children’s surgery unit officially opened by Kate last month.

Read the full article here

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His Majesty has done a great service to the nation’s health

Speaking as a male d’un certain âge, and an enthusiastic hypochondriac, I was disturbed by news about the King’s health. I was equally delighted to learn that our 75-year-old sovereign will soon be happy and glorious again, as he will undergo treatment next week for benign prostate enlargement (BPE).

Though troublesome, BPE is an entirely natural phenomenon, affecting the waterworks of 60 per cent of men over the age of 60. It is not usually a serious threat to health, nor a fatal one. So I do feel a little sorry for the nation’s hard-pressed GPs who, thanks to the royal spotlight, will soon be requested to make fundamental assessments of thousands of worried older gentlemen.

It is greatly to the King’s credit that he’s allowed his prostate to “come out”, so to speak. Chaps should be able to speak freely about their waterworks and feel no shame about seeking medical advice. ’Twas not always thus with this condition.

Read the full article here

His Majesty has done a great service to the nation’s health

The King’s refreshing frankness about his forthcoming treatment for a benign enlarged prostate will help demystify a very private condition affecting almost two-thirds of men over 60 – and will, in turn, enable more patients to be treated, says Sean O’Grady

Holly Evans21 January 2024 23:30

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