ScoMo quits politics: Former prime minister Scott Morrison takes new security job with Trump politicians

Scott Morrison has left politics to join a set of strategic and defence firms with two Trump-era politicians.

The former Liberal leader, who was prime minister for six years before he was defeated by Anthony Albanese in 2022, announced he was quitting his 16-year parliamentary career on Tuesday.

After losing prime ministership, Mr Morrison was still the member for Cook in Sydney’s south, but he will abandon that post, triggering a by-election.

Now, Mr Morrison’s post-politics plans have also been revealed.

The former PM will leave parliament at the end of February to take on a new role as vice-chair of security firm American Global Strategies, headed by former Trump security adviser Robert O’Brien, per The Australian.

He will also become a strategic adviser to asset management firm DYNE — a role that will also be performed by former US secretary of state Mike Pompeo.

Mr O’Brien said Mr Morrison was “widely regarded as one of the most consequential world leaders of the last decade”.

“As our non-executive vice-chairman, (he) will bring high-level relationships and unique global insights on behalf of AGS’s clients,” he said.

Mr Morrison said he was “very pleased” by his political achievements but his roles in the public eye had taken a toll on his family.

“I am grateful for their support, but the time has come for me to return to private life and support my family to pursue their goals and for us to spend more time together. I am also looking forward to being more active in my church community, outside the constraints of public office,” he said.

Mr Morrison’s time as prime minister earned him a reputation as one of the most controversial prime ministers in Australian history, something he briefly reflected on with Sky News’ Paul Murray on Tuesday.

“I’m sure there’s things that people will need to forgive me for and I’ll forgive them. You just don’t carry these things around with you. You look forward,” he said.

Scott Morrison’s political wins and controversies

First elected to the southern Sydney electorate in 2007, Mr Morrison entered cabinet as immigration minister in 2013 and was responsible for Operation Sovereign Borders.

He became social services minister in late 2014 and then treasurer a year after under Malcolm Turnbull, before assuming top office.

Mr Morrison would go on to roll Mr Turnbull for the top job after defeating both Peter Dutton and Julie Bishop in a leadership spill instigated by Mr Dutton.

During his tenure as prime minister, he went on an infamous holiday to Hawaii with his wife and daughters while large parts of Australia burned in the Black Summer.

Months later, Mr Morrison would begin steering Australia through the Covid-19 pandemic, forming national cabinet in the process.

Mr Morrison spent much of his post-election loss in the spotlight after it was revealed he had given himself five extra ministries while prime minister without telling the public.

In July, he was the subject of adverse findings in the Robodebt royal commission. He has denied all wrongdoing.

Mr Morrison was a key architect of the AUKUS security pact with the US and UK — a legacy that was repeatedly cited when his new jobs in strategy and defence were announced.

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