Sturgeon had ‘tighter cast list’ on some Covid decisions – Humza Yousaf

Dawson goes on to ask the first minister about decisions around Covid rules for large-scale events, including fan zones for the Euros football championships and COP26.

In messages to National Clinical Director Jason Leitch, Yousaf said it would be best to keep Glasgow in Level 3 Covid restrictions for as long as possible before the first game.

He voiced concerns around cases increasing due to fans socialising while watching games, warning that “we will lose the dressing room” if the fan zone at Glasgow Green is scrapped.

In the messages, Leitch responds: “So more testing. Case finding. Exactly what we want. As Trump said, the problem with you public health idiots is if you do tests you find disease.”

At the inquiry, Yousaf says the exchange shows that there was an understanding that this was “not an easy call”.

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