Swimmers warned to avoid taking a dip

Sydneysiders looking to escape the humidity are being warned to stay away from the beaches. The warning comes after reports a rise in sewage is contaminating the water. A high level of sewage in the water can lead to higher risks of infection and illness. Despite the health risks, many people have continued swimming on the beaches. Locals claim they simply haven’t seen the warning signs posted around the beaches.

Temperatures are set to hit well above 30 degrees in the NSW capital this weekend, with Penrith forecast to reach 40 degrees on Sunday.

Pollution continues to impacted popular spots like Rose Bay Beach. Picture: NCA NewsWire / Flavio Brancaleone

Some beachgoers have opted to head to the water’s edge to try to their best to cool off as temperatures soar.

But authorities are urging residents to avoid swimming in polluted water after recent rainfall caused widespread bacteria to form in certain popular beaches.

Beachwatch NSW confirmed most beaches have now recovered but warned visitors that some harbour and estuarine swim sites are still being impacted by stormwater pollution on Saturday.

People have been encouraged to not swim at Rose Bay Beach. Picture: NCA NewsWire / Flavio Brancaleone

Others have opted to go to swimming at Murray Rose Pool, where pollution is possible. Picture: NCA NewsWire / Flavio Brancaleone

Parsley Bay has been deemed safe to swim. Picture: NCA NewsWire / Flavio Brancaleone

Those beaches include Rose Bay Beach, Hay Street Beach, Tambourine Bay and Woolwich Baths.

Swimmers are being encouraged to avoid polluted water to protect them from potential bacterial infection.

Authorities have encouraged people to check the Beachwatch website for further details.

It comes as almost all beaches south of Narrabeen on the Northern Beaches were given a red warning of high contamination levels during the week.

However, most of those beaches have now been cleared or at least been marked as improving.

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