Tash Peterson: Protest planned for outside vegan activist’s home with hundreds expected to attend

Hundreds of anti-Tash Peterson protestors are expected to flock to the controversial vegan activist’s home to demand an end to her “ridiculous demonstrations”.

More than 500 people are planning to gather outside her home for a BBQ protest on May 24, according to Youth Jam News.

The organiser of the protest, Ben D’Arcy, said Ms Peterson is a “serial pest” interrupting people’s lives with “ridiculous demonstrations” and wants the notorious vegan to know what it feels like.“The public are sick of her, business owners are fed up, and the police hate having to deal with her on a constant basis,” he told the publication.

“Since she feels it’s appropriate to go into people’s businesses and create havoc, I thought it would be a good idea to show her what that feels like.

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