The Traitors: Charlie says ‘murder came as a shock’

  • By Leigh Boobyer & Claire Cavanagh
  • BBC News, Bristol

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Charlie says she had “the time of her life” on The Traitors

The Traitors contestant Charlie says being “murdered” on the show was “so sudden” and “came as a shock”.

Charlie Bees, from Kingswood in South Gloucestershire, told BBC Radio Bristol the psychological reality TV show was an “emotional experience”.

Charlie, 34, was unexpectedly removed on Friday’s episode of the BBC series.

The show, hosted by Claudia Winkleman, is based on the party game wink murder where players must uncover the killers before time runs out.

Speaking to BBC Radio Bristol, Charlie said she did not have time to process being “killed off”.

“You saw me getting a little bit emotional because it was sad because the experience was ending, and I had the time of my life there. I did not want it to end,” she said.

“I was quite shocked that it was me because nobody had mentioned me up until that point, not round the round table or anything.

“I thought I was there for the endgame. Unfortunately I had to leave.”

Image source, Mark Mainz/Studio Lambert/BBC

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Charlie was “murdered” by the traitors in a scheme to frame someone else for the killing

The Traitors sees 22 members of the public housed for three weeks in Ardross Castle, near Inverness. A few of them are told privately that they are traitors, and must avoid being detected by their fellow contestants, known as the faithful.

The contestants gradually get to know each other via conversations over breakfast and a series of physical challenges, which also give them the opportunity to add to the prize pot of up to £120,000.

Charlie said she “loves a good murder mystery” and she was “obsessed” with the first season of the show which aired in November 2022.

“I think I watched the whole series in about two days. I loved it so much. I could not think about anything else, I was just obsessed with the show,” she said.

“Even being in it I was obsessed with it, still all I can think about. There is so much energy around it and I am so blessed to have an opportunity to be a part of it.”

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