Visitors slammed for leaving iconic Aussie beach in ‘disgusting’ state during scorching heatwave

By Pranav Harish For Daily Mail Australia

05:41 23 Jan 2024, updated 05:50 23 Jan 2024

  • Food scraps and bottles found on beach 
  • Locals urge more bins to be put up 
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Frustrated locals fed up with rubbish scattered across a popular beach have called for more bins to be put up to stop beachgoers from littering. 

Furious residents who live near Coogee Beach in Sydney‘s affluent eastern suburbs have complained about the disgusting site of garbage strewn across the popular tourist spot. 

Pictures uploaded to Facebook have showed dozens of empty bottles and food scraps tossed along the sand. 

Beachgoers had also left behind their belongings prompting locals to lash out at the lack of rubbish bins installed at the popular tourist hotspot. 

‘The trouble with Eastern Suburbs beaches is there are no bins on the beach. If you provide a bin then people will use it,’ one user wrote.

Furious residents who live near Coogee Beach in Sydney ‘s affluent eastern suburbs have slammed beachgoers for littering (pictured) on the popular beach

Others slammed visitors for discarding their rubbish on the beach used by hundreds of locals, urging tourists and visitors to be more respectful.

‘In the two years I’ve been living nearby, I’ve never seen a ranger, but really, how hard is it to put rubbish in a bin,’ one user wrote. 

‘It’s disgusting to think in this day and age people still don’t know how to respect their surroundings and nature. Leave your bad habits at home,’ another posted. 

Randwick Council Mayor Phillipa Veitch said the council would provide more bins and urged visitors to stop littering. 

‘If the bin is full or you are in an area with no bins please take your rubbish home,’ she said. 

‘Rubbish left on beaches or in parks can end up in our oceans. If you’ve enjoyed a swim for the day, look after our waterways and take your rubbish with you.’ 

Daily Mail Australia has contacted Randwick Council for further comment. 

The furore comes after Bronte Beach in Sydney’s eastern suburbs was trashed by revellers with piles of rubbish dumped at the site following Boxing Day celebrations.

Discarded bottles and food scraps were tossed along the sand (pictured)
Empty alcoholic beverages (pictured) had also been dumped on the beach leaving locals disgusted

The famed spot was left in a mess with empty bottles, plastic bags, clothes and tampons strewn across the reserve’s grassed area.

Waverley Mayor Paula Masselos said she was ‘appalled’ by the revellers – many of which she claims are tourists and backpackers – who showed little respect for the ‘beautiful environment’. 

Ms Masselos had previously told Daily Mail Australia that the beach is there for everyone to use and enjoy. 

She slammed the ‘anti-social’ louts who left the iconic spot filled with rubbish when partygoers descended on the beach during Christmas last year. 

‘It is extremely disappointing to see how much rubbish was left behind by people who have no respect for Waverley’s beautiful parks and beaches and for not obeying our alcohol ban,’ she said. 

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