Warning disease more infectious than Covid could ‘spread like wildfire’

A Solihull GP has issued a sobering message to families as measles cases “rise every day” in the West Midlands. Reports of the “almost entirely preventable” disease continue to rise across parts of the nation – with vaccine hesitancy blamed for the recent outbreak.

The West Midlands has been hit hardest, in particular Birmingham. But Solihull GP Dr Tara Shah has warned that MMR vaccine rates are “lower than they should be in Solihull” and the borough could soon see rates similar to those in East Birmingham.

Dr Shah, a GP at Bosworth Medical Practice in Chelmsley Wood and clinical director for North Solihull PCN, said vaccine hesitancy and the fact measles is “incredibly infectious” is causing the uptick – and could see it “spread like wildfire.” And she even said clinical staff are calling vaccine hesitant homes to see if they can address concerns.

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‘Something like this is inevitable’

Dr Shah told BirminghamLive: “The uptake [of the vaccine] is not where it should be. Something like this is inevitable.” She added that incidents of measles in Solihull are “small” compared to the hotspot of East Birmingham.

When we asked what would happen if a child picked up measles at school, Dr Shah explained: “Measles is incredibly infectious, far more than Covid, it will spread like wildfire. That child is then at home with other children.”

She explained there is “poor uptake in vaccination numbers”, and that vaccine rates have been impacted by patients who come from abroad or don’t have an understanding of keeping up with shots.

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