Weather forecast this week: Arctic air will be replaced with heavy rain, ice and warmer weather


A warm-up is finally in store for parts of the US that faced frigid temperatures this weekend – but the warmer air will bring a risk of ice and flooding for parts of the country.

Back-to-back winter storms across the US last week killed at least 76 people in 13 states. The death toll rose by six on Sunday after Tennessee’s emergency management agency reported additional weather-related fatalities.

Now a series of fronts and low-pressure systems are working together to bring warmer air and tropical moisture into the eastern half of the United States this week.

The arctic chill will be ending, and cities will begin warming up, with some seeing daily high temperatures increase by close to 30 degrees over the course of three or four days.

Temperatures will be significantly above average by the end of the week, with highs Thursday reaching the upper 60s to low 70s throughout the Southeast and temperatures in the 50s as far north as New York.

Overnight lows will soar into the 60s for parts of the Southeast, potentially breaking over 100 records for warmest daily lows.

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Some cities will see daily high temperatures increase by close to 30° over the course of three to four days.

This warmer air will finally chase out the arctic blast that his been dominating the majority of the country’s weather this weekend, but will bring several potential hazards, including ice and flooding.

As moisture from the Gulf of Mexico is pushed northward Sunday into Monday, it will collide with cold air still lingering over portions of the central United States to create ice and freezing rain in a wide swath from Dallas almost as far north as Fort Wayne, Indiana.

“Meanwhile, the presence of arctic air farther north will support mixed precipitation, sleet and ice as the moisture reaches into Oklahoma and Kansas tonight,” the Weather Prediction Center said.

The majority of the regions facing an icy forecast are likely to receive less than a quarter of an inch of ice by Monday evening, but up to half an inch of ice is in the forecast for northern Arkansas and southern Missouri, according to the National Weather Service.

As the warm air continues its northward trajectory, freezing rain and icy precipitation will transition to rain, bringing the threat of flooding.

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About 37 million people are under threat of flash flooding and excessive rainfall this week.

Approximately 37 million people are under threat of flash flooding and excessive rainfall this week from Monday to Thursday morning along the Gulf Coast and in the western portions of the Southeast.

There is a Level 2 of 4 risk of excessive rainfall and flash flooding moving eastward throughout the week:

• Monday – eastern Texas
• Tuesday – Lower Mississippi River Valley
• Wednesday – Louisiana, Alabama and Tennessee
• Thursday to Friday morning – Gulf coast of Mississippi and Alabama into Tennessee

Some areas will be under a Level 2 risk of excessive rainfall for several days in a row.

Rainfall totals over the next five days may reach 5 to 6 inches with localized areas getting higher amounts.

The regions most impacted by the heavy rain are also slightly at risk of developing severe weather, the Lake Charles, Louisiana, weather service office said.

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