Winter weather related deaths this week surpass 90 per report


A CBS News report said that, as of Sunday, 91 people died from weather related causes in the last week as freezing weather blanketed the country over the weekend.

The Tennessee Department of Health confirmed 25 weather related fatalities as of Sunday to the Tennessean, a part of the USA Today Network. CBS also reported 16 deaths in Oregon.

The network also reported deaths in:

  • Illinois
  • Kentucky
  • Mississippi
  • New York
  • New Jersey
  • Pennsylvania
  • Washington
  • Wisconsin

The National Weather Service said that moisture will move northward, “producing heavy rain/freezing rain over parts of the Southern Plains, Lower/Middle Mississippi Valley from Sunday evening into Monday evening.”

NWS forecast

Warmer weather provides thaw, relief

In what UCLA climate scientist Daniel Swain has dubbed “weather whiplash,” a dramatic warmup is expected across the continental U.S. next week. Forecasters say above-average temps will stretch across the country, with highs into the 60s or 70s in some places in the South.

The National Weather Service said there won’t be additional replenishment of arctic air from Canada, so a “steady warmup” will start in the middle of the country by Sunday.

“With the high (pressure) retreating to the east, and (warm air advection) intensifying through the period, the warm air will eventually win out and cause a p-type transition to plain rain, likely as far north as Indiana and Ohio,” the Weather Service said Sunday.

The warmth will also bring a chance for flooding due to rainfall and snowmelt, forecasters said.

Contributing: Doyle Rice, Jeanine Santucci

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