World Grand Prix Snooker LIVE RESULTS: Ronnie O’Sullivan BEHIND to Judd Trump in huge final

Friends off the table, enemies on it

Ronnie O’Sullivan has a lot of time for Judd Trump and really respects his rival.

The pair faced each other in the 2022 World Championship final and O’Sullivan broke down in tears when the victory was complete. That represent his seventh world triumph.

As they embraced in a hug, this is the emotional exchange between the two men.

The words were captured as part of the Rocket’s Amazon Prime documentary.

O’Sullivan: “Enjoy your snooker, enjoy your snooker. Don’t let them burn you out. Pick and choose.

“You’re too good to let these f***ers ruin you. Alright? Okay? You are a good boy.

“You’re a good boy. I will always have my time for you. I respect you, you are a good man. And your family is good. Love you man. Cheers.

“Ah, I can’t believe it. F***ing kills me.”

Trump: “Thank you for letting me practice with you. In exhibitions and everything.

“You took your time out for me and I really appreciate that. Thank you so much.

“Thank you. Well done man. Best achievement. Best player of all time.

“F***ing love you man. Mate well done. It’s incredible, incredible. So much hard work and graft.

“You f***ing deserve everything man. You deserve everything.

“Mate, you are amazing, the dedication, everything you have put in, you deserve f***ing everything. You are a legend.

“You have always taken care of me. Everyone is so proud of you. Your whole team behind you. Go celebrate with your family. Enjoy yourself.”

In a hug with two of his kids, O’Sullivan cried: “I can’t do this anymore. I can’t. I can’t do it. It kills me.”

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